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Advantages of Single Tooth Anesthesia in Watertown MN

For many patients, avoiding necessary dental procedures because of the treatment process is more common than you think. Some patients may find having part of their mouth numbed with anesthesia uncomfortable or too invasive. Fortunately, advancements in dentistry offer dentists the ability to use single tooth anesthesia to numb only the tooth that needs treatment.

What to Expect

Your dentist will use a computer-assisted system for local anesthesia called The Wand. It carefully guides your dental professional as they are performing dental injections. Patients who experience this new technology will find it offers less pain and more contained numbness for the area that is being treated by using single tooth anesthesia (STA). Additional benefits include:

  •  Modernization – With STA, your dentist is using the newest one-of-a-kind technology that allows a single out a tooth to be numbed.
  • Protection – The patented computer system releases the anesthesia in a painless way but also in a dose that is secure for the patient. Using this procedure, you will not run the risk of receiving too much anesthetic.
  • Effectiveness – STA eliminates any guessing as your dentist applies the anesthetic. The effective delivery of anesthesia means the effects are felt faster and last longer.
  • Less Pain. This treatment option removes the discomfort out of the anesthesia delivery and protects the surrounding areas of the mouth.

To learn more about what to expect with single tooth anesthesia, please contact your dentist in Watertown MN today!